Prince William backs appeal to end poaching
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Thursday, 16 January 2014 13:50




The Duke of Cambridge, who is well known for his support of animal charities, is to help in raising awareness of animal poaching and trade in illegal animal products. As part of a contingent which includes David Cameron, William Hague and his father, Prince Charles he is to take part in a summit in London focusing on the tiger, the rhino and the elephant. 

Approximately 60 heads of state will be in attendance at the summit which will take place next month at Saint James Palace. Prince William will be making a keynote speech. Conservationists and policy makers from across the world will be at the summit and it is hoped that new measures will be put in place to reduce the numbers of animals slaughtered each year, especially in places like China and Africa where trade in ivory is still brisk. The use of rhino products is especially concerning given the fact that 2 out of five species are already seriously endangered.

Prince William proposed to his wife while on safari and is already a patron of the wildlife charity Tusk Trust.