U2's Bono takes on oil and gas industry in debate
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Tuesday, 01 October 2013 12:09




The singer Bono spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative this month about his concerns with the oil and gas industry and transparency when it comes to application for oil leases. The panel was moderated by Bill Clinton.

Speaking as the co-founder of the ONE campaign, he spoke out about a lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission which is in opposition to a law requiring oil companies to reveal how much they pay for foreign oil leases. The disclosure rule was thrown out earlier this year because it was argued that it would destroy competition.

Bono pointed out that corruption was killing “kids” and he described transparency as the vaccine. However he did have a kind word for Exxon and Chevron who had supported malaria and Aids prevention. But suggested that it was hypocritical to offer aid and then undermine anti-corruption legislation at the same time.