Matt Damon promotes clean water for India
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Friday, 06 September 2013 12:18




As a co-founder of, an organisation designed to facilitate loans for those people who do not have basics like clean water or toilets, Matt Damon has recently returned from a four day trip to India. 

Along with his co-founder Gary White, Damon has been promoting access to hand pumps and toilets with correct drainage during his visit. He visited villages in the southern area of Tamil Nadu and the slums of Bangalore to speak to people who have already benefited from his project. In one case he visited a woman who had to pay each time she visited the toilet or needed to bathe. She is now getting a loan to add drainage services to her home.

Damon stated that it was emotional to hear about the very real changes which have happened in people's lives because of the work of the organisation. He points out that to effect real change it is important to target women. Meanwhile White pointed out that close to 90% of the loans offered so far have gone to women.