Oprah Winfrey goes Organic
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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 17:16



Colle Farmers Market, an organic farmers market, in an article in Forbes said all about Oprah Winfrey’s plan to manufacture and sell organic food and beauty products.

According to the article, the products will be grown on Winfrey’s farm in Maui and her organic food line is expected to include salad dressing, sauces, frozen vegetables, beverages, snack dips, soups and some more types of prepared foods.

The Colle Farmers Market's representative believes that Oprah’s endorsement of organic food could increase the sales of organic products. “When a popular celebrity or highly influential public figure supports an idea, like eating organic food, most consumers tend to follow,” the Colle representative says.

“Oprah has a really large following and her new line could be the catalyst for a significant rise in sales of organic food and cosmetics. Hopefully, consumers will see the environmental and health benefits of organic farming and start buying more organic products.” he adds;

“The organic farming industry, especially in the US, needs a little boost,” he says. “With more and more celebrities adopting organic lifestyles and manufacturing organic products, it influences consumer demand. Oprah’s choice to go organic is great because it's going to inspire other big celebrities and consumers to follow suit.”