The planting of the Agua Limpa project (clean water) by Gisele Bundchen has begun
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The Clean Water Project was launched in Horizontina, Brazil on June 8th when the first native trees were planted for the purpose of recovering the riparian vegetation in the Lajeados Pratos and Guilherme water basins located in the municipalities of Horizontina and Tucunduva, a region in which our Top model grew up. The representatives of the local authorities, involved entities, and the community were present at the event.

About 12 thousand seedlings are already in the Água Limpa nursery and at the School of Horizontina and, over the next three months, a total of 50 thousand seedlings will be planted at the first phase. The objectives of the project are: digital inclusion, fight against pollution, preservation of water sources, and reduction of the aggradation rate.

At the end of 2008, Gisele was in Porto Alegre, Brazil at the signing of the terms of commitment by the partners of this initiative, and, visibly moved, said that she had always had a dream of developing a project in the town where she was born. “My dad went for it and, because of him, this dream has come true”. Our Übermodel also said that the family hopes that the project can be used as an example for the entire country.