Top designer changes her priorities
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Monday, 17 February 2014 15:05




The iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has stated that she will be putting her future efforts into climate change rather than her unusual clothing lines. She has joined other stars including Paloma Faith, Chris Martin and George Clooney to fight oil expansion in the Arctic, among other campaigns.

The 72 year old has said that she will be focusing on quality rather than quantity when it comes to her clothes and has no interest in expanding her fashion label any further, despite huge success in recent years. She has stated that she wants to make her own business more sustainable and implied that the fashion industry promotes consumption. 

Despite her criticism, she says that most other designers support her even when she has used fashion shows to express her views. She points out that having a famous name is a good way to get a message across and garner support. 

She is currently helping to promote the Greenpeace campaign to protect the Arctic and has also challenged fracking and business with the charity Cool Earth in recent years. Her website Climate Revolution will follow her endeavours.