Giraffe death dismays campaigners
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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 18:41




An online petition which had hoped to save the life of a young giraffe at Copenhagen Zoo has failed and the giraffe named Marius was put down on Sunday. The zoo stated that the two year old animal was put down to avoid in-breeding. 

Perhaps more shocking for those who campaigned to save the animal was the fact that the giraffe was killed by a bolt shot and then skinned, dissected and fed to the lions at the zoo. This display of nature was watched by a crowd of visitors as part of an educational event. It was also broadcast online. 

The zoo's scientific director Bengst Holst has said that despite receiving death threats he would not change the way the zoo deals with animal management. He said that this ensured the long term survival of the species and that 20-30 animals are put down at the zoo each year to maintain healthy numbers. 

Several zoo's and wildlife sanctuaries had offered Marius last minute places, but they were all rejected. Some stated that they were saddened by what had happened and questioned the practices of the zoo.