Tech start-up to tackle food waste
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Thursday, 06 February 2014 14:26


Two men who have cut their teeth at Microsoft are turning their attention to the huge issue of food wastage in the US with a new start-up business: WISErg. 

WISErg is a harvester which can consume up to 4,000 pounds of food in one day turning it into a slurry which is further refined into fertiliser which can be used on food farms – completing the waste loop. The processor is odour free and can use almost any type of food waste including paper.

However it is the technological side of the harvester which is really interesting. Each scrap of food is identified and weighed as it passes through the system and can tell the users the breakdown of their waste giving real feedback on waste reduction schemes. 

WISErg's CEO Larry LeSuer has said that intelligent data can be collected which can be used to prevent waste and minimize overstocking. 

With estimates of 34 million tonnes of food waste being sent to landfill in the US each year, emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases, it is clear that the curbside composting programs which currently exist are not enough to tackle the issue. The company hope to deliver three WISErg units each month.