Plastics banned by 2020?
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Monday, 27 January 2014 18:17



A resolution voted on by the European Parliament earlier this month could lead to the banning of the most hazardous types of plastic currently used throughout the EU. The resolution was part of a green paper tabled by the European Commission MEP's and suggests the plastic is damaging to the environment and that there is a lack of laws which target this type of waste.

The proposal states that there should be binding targets for the collection and sorting of 80% of waste and that this should become part of EU legislation. This would also involve the review of current EU directives on packaging waste. Additionally, there should be further proposals to phase out landfills being used for recyclable waste and the incineration of waste by 2020.

It has also been suggested that the recycling potential of plastics is largely unexplored, with just 25% of plastics currently being recycled. By taking this action more than 400,000 jobs could be created and the EU could save as much as 72 billion Euros each year.