GM food bill signed in US
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Thursday, 16 January 2014 13:55





The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage has signed a bill which will make it a legal requirement for all food which is Genetically Modified (GM) to be labelled as such. This makes the state only the second to have agreed to this legislation. However for it to become law, other states must also agree.

Efforts to encourage labelling of GM food have been unsuccessful in the past, however campaigners believe that this new legislation could have legs. They point out that 30 states have proposals on the table and that the signing by LePage is a great start. Five other states need to also sign, for it to go ahead.

Campaigner had initially feared that big business advocates would ensure that the proposal would not be effective and the Maine signing has been a positive first step. However it is expected that there will be a legal challenge and the State of New Hampshire is thought to be under particular pressure not to sign. 

It is thought that 70% of food in US supermarkets contain GM ingredients and any testing which is carried out on their safety is left to the industry themselves. Across the world, 64 countries already label GM foods including all of Europe and China.