Consider a Hybrid Grill
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Combine the efficiency of electric grills with charcoal or wood taste for green grilling.

Save energy and reduce pollution while still enjoying great grilling by using a so-called "hybrid grill." The concept may be new to you, but with a hybrid grill, take advantage of the efficiency and convenience of electric or gas for your main source of heat, then just burn a small amount of charcoal or wood to impart an authentic aroma and flavor to the food. Relying on just charcoal or wood results in more air pollution, and can put stress on forests if the fuel isn't harvested sustainably. There are different configurations and models of hybrid grills. With a Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet hybrid grill, for example, you have your choice of cooking with gas, wood or charcoal, in varying combinations. The gas burners can be used to easily light charcoal or wood, and can then be turned off, or they can be used as the primary heat source. Then all it takes is a handful of wood or charcoal to get that smoky, authentic BBQ flavor.