GMO labelling proposition rejected
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Saturday, 16 November 2013 08:25


A GMO food labelling proposition appears to have been rejected by Washington State voters this week according to a USA Today report. It seems that 54.8% of voters rejected the idea of labelling, while 45.2 agreed with it. It is thought that around one quarter of the 3.9 million registered voters in the state took part in this vote.


However, it should be noted that only 60% of the votes have been counted according to the Washington Office of the Secretary of State spokesperson. This is due to the voting system being a mail-in ballot.


The vote was on Initiative 522, which would have seen labelling in the state – the first in the US. Opponents such as the agribusiness Monsanto have spent three times as much as supporters in their bid to sway voters. They were also found to have given $22 million in donations to “The No on 522” campaign. The “yes” campaign meanwhile got most of its financial support from individuals.


One supporter, Marion Nestle from New York University, has pointed out that eventually one of these campaigns will pass as the industry will get tired of pouring money into fighting their cause.