Litter a huge problem in UK
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Thursday, 31 October 2013 11:38




The broadcaster Joan Bakewell is urging UK citizens to clean up their act and take responsibility for the ever increasing problem of litter on UK streets. In an article in the Telegraph this week, she has pointed out that current publicity regarding keeping Britain tidy is largely being ignored. 

According to Bakewell the UK's population has grown by 21% since the 1960's, however the problem of litter has increased by a huge 500%. In fact more than 30 million tonnes of rubbish is collected every year and a billion pounds is spent by councils across the country. She points out that fly tipping, cigarette butts, chewing gum and general rubbish is blighting our streets. 

Bakewell would like to see more people take action on this issue and is highlighting a Panorama program which aired this week. She pointed out that people cannot simply hold councils responsible for the mess in their neighbourhoods – they need to take action themselves. One such campaign saw a small group of residents spray-painting dog mess in a bid to make dog owners feel guilty. Bakewell suggests that climbing on a similar bandwagon might even raise the value of residents homes.