Plastic bag campaign has victory
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Monday, 28 October 2013 16:19


Following the government's announcement that there will soon be a charge on single-use carrier bags in England, Keep Britain Tidy are declaring a victory for their shared campaign.

From 2015, the government will bring in a 5p charge on all single-use carrier bags used in England. A coalition of environmental campaign groups including Keep Britain Tidy, The Marine Conservation Society and Greener Upon Thames have been campaigning for this charge. Charges have been made on plastic bags in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales for some time. 

The Break the Bag habit coalition started its campaign in 2012 and want to see England follow the example of Wales where there has been a 76% reduction in bag use during 2012, while England saw a 4% increase. In a study conducted by the group it was shown that more than half of adults questioned in England felt that a charge was not unreasonable and 75% felt they would cut down on how many bags they use if the charge was brought in. 

The charge will be brought in for larger stores only, with smaller shops not expected to impose it. There will also be a consultation on using the levy to pay for the development of a biodegradable bag.