Conviction for elephant poisoning case in Zimbabwe
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013 15:08


An elephant poacher has been found guilty in a Zimbabwe court of poisoning elephants with cyanide and possession of ivory. He has been handed a 15 year sentence, but still faces separate charges of possession of cyanide and for contravening environmental laws.

Akim Masuku who is 26 is one of four poachers found guilty of killing elephants by the Zimbabawe Parks and Wildlife Authority this month.  He is jointly accused along with Norma Ncube who is just 18. 

100 elephants have been killed in the last month in the Hwange National Park. According to the Authority, 12 people have been arrested and four have been sentenced so far. 

People living in the area have been told that they must hand over any cyanide stores or risk arrest. Those convicted have been ordered to pay $600,000 in compensation for the killing of the animals.