UK fares well in recycling and sustainability stakes
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Friday, 11 October 2013 13:58


With the release of the Yale University Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI) rankings, the UK has been shown to be in the top ten for sustainability and for recycling in a separate study. Although it still has some way to go to reach the leader, Austria which recycles 25% more than the UK.


The rankings for the EPI are based on environmental health (pollution, water quality, environmental disease) and ecosystem vitality (climate change, habitat, forestry, fisheries). The UK came in at ninth place alongside Sweden, but behind Switzerland, Latvia and Norway. The UK was identified as needing to do more work on climate change and water use.


When it came to recycling, the UK showed a national rate of 39% according to the bin retailer RecyclingBins. This places the UK 25% behind Austria who top the recycling table. However it compares favourably to Ireland at 35% and France at 32%.


The European Union would like to see a recycling rate of 50% for all nations by 2020.