Real issue of climate change ignored by media
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Friday, 23 August 2013 11:51


It was reported by Reuters last month that a heat wave in Alaska has led to the deaths of thousands of salmon, however, the real issue which is driving this increase in temperatures was ignored by the media group. This has led to speculation on what could be happening with regards to climate change skepticism among media groups.

Over the past 50 years, temperatures in Alaska warmed twice as fast as the national average.

The Reuters report stated that fish and wildlife are being harmed by increasing temperatures across Alaska including polar bears who have fewer ice shelves from which to hunt and oysters which have been affected by bacteria in warmer seas. It was also pointed out that wildfires have been more common during the last few months despite the fire season being due over the next few weeks. However, despite this level of reporting on the problem, the issue of climate change or the burning of fossil fuels was not mentioned in the report.

It has been suggested by Media Matters that this avoidance of climate issues has come about since the appointment of Paul Ingrassia as the Managing Editor last year. He has identified himself as being a climate change skeptic. Additionally, the role of climate change correspondent has been abolished since he came into the position. In fact it has been suggested by NWF president Larry Schweiger that US media are avoiding the subject of climate change in general.