Meatless Mondays not supported
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Wednesday, 24 July 2013 12:29


The idea of Meatless Mondays has been dropped by the US House of Representatives, despite previous support of the concept for its cafeterias. It is being suggested that a furious response from the meat industry is behind the capitulation. 

The Farm Animal Welfare Coalition (FAWC) wrote to the House Administration Committee in June complaining that the company behind the restaurants was engaging in political activity by enforcing the meat ban. The letter pointed out that the concept of Meatless Mondays was being used as a tool by animal rights and environmental campaigners to suggest that the production of meat was detrimental to the environment and was unhealthy. They refute this. 

Furthermore the FAWC say that the decision of the restaurant to support the campaign was political and unfortunate and that the House committee needed to ask them to desist immediately. The committee gave in and Meatless Mondays are no longer a feature of the menu.

However meat-free options are always available.

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