Utility usage key for future homes
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The use of utilities in an energy efficient manner is vital to ensuring homes are friendly to the environment in the future.

This has been illustrated by an IBM engineer, who is broadcasting information about his utility use on the internet.
Andy Stanford-Clark, a 'master inventor' at IBM, is using a system that controls his heating, lighting and water use in an efficient manner and publishing the results via Twitter.

Geoff Manaugh, editor of BLDGBLOG and senior editor of Dwell magazine, suggested that other homeowners could follow Stanford-Clark's lead and improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

He said: "When a 'smart home' is simply an assemblage of existing tools and services that you can weave together on your own, you're given an opportunity both to optimise this for your own energy goals and to hack and tinker with the equipment, creating something very specific for your household."

Mr Manaugh has advocated "electrical Weight Watchers" programmes to monitor CO2 use.
 Sept. 09