Have an Environmental Easter!
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Saturday, 16 March 2013 11:00




Easter is a time of the year when we think about rebirth and renewal. It is Spring time, new born lambs, daffodils and for Christians, a celebration of the resurrection. It is also a time when thinking about the environment should be high on the priority list. The following few tips should help you to have an environmentally friendly Easter holiday break.

  • We all know that Easter eggs are delicious, but those boxes they come in are far from it. With plastic egg holders placed inside cardboard boxes (which are often much larger than the egg itself), you will be sending significant amounts to landfill. Try to choose eggs which are responsibly packaged in cardboard only and always recycle it.
  • Look for Fair Trade chocolate. At this time of the year, sales of chocolate go through the roof and much of it cannot show where it has come from or that the suppliers have been paid properly. Take the time to check your chocolate and eat it free from guilt.
  • Take note of the ingredients used by your chocolate egg maker. Many are now using palm oil which is considered to be unsustainable and could be harmful to the rainforests.
  • If you are making homemade eggs, choose a local farmer's eggs or those which are free range. Caged hens don't have a nice Easter...
  • Buy locally sourced lamb if you are planning a roast dinner with the family. The closer the farmer, the smaller the carbon footprint.