Eco-trends you can't live without
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The new year has well and truly started and with it the usual forgotten and hard to stick to New Years Resolutions. If you are one of the many who have found that your personal resolutions have hit the dust, you could try some of the following earth-friendly resolutions which will not only give your wallet a break, they could improve your general wellbeing too.

  • Quality over quantity – buy once and buy well
  • Lower your impact – buy less and use less
  • Think local – farmers markets, local grocers, butchers, fishmongers and allotments will all reduce the carbon miles your food produces.
  • Campaign – sign petitions and attend marches against environmentally damaging projects in your area and beyond.
  • Choose non-GMO foods – this will encourage producers to not get involved in this farming practice.
  • Responsible holidays – try being a volunteer for a project where improvements are being made for those in need, or choose an eco-resort where they have a focus on being as green as possible.
  • Live together – co-operatives are surging in popularity for a good reason. Not only can you save money by sharing accommodation, but you use fewer resources by  using the skills of your co-op members (eg cooking, gardening, building)
  • Give it a go – try using a DIY approach to everything from your home renovations to your clothes and haircuts. Either that or lend your support to a small producer or business person.