China Beats U.S. to Become Number One In Installed Wind Power
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It's good to know that the world's most populous country which is the potential new superpower with its rapid economic progress which has made it the world's second-largest economy, after the United States, are reducing their carbon footprint and therefore their contribute to global warming and climate change.

China surpassed the U.S. this year to become the number one in the world for installed wind power generating capacity. In the last six years, installed wind power generating capacity in China increased from 2,000 megawatts (MW) to 52,580 MW, according to the country’s state grid company, the State Grid Corporation, which is the country’s largest utility company. In 2011, China generated 70.6 terrawatt hours (TWh) of wind power, a 96 percent increase. The Chinese government projects that China’s wind generating capacity would be more than 100,000 MW in 2015 and 200,000 MW in 2020.

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