Empire State Building is to undergo an eco-refit
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New York's Empire State Building is to undergo an eco-refit in an effort to cut the iconic skyscraper's energy use by nearly 40 percent.

Among the $20 million worth of improvements, the 1,050ft tower will see an extra layer of insulation added to its 6,500 windows, while the huge air conditioning units in the basement will be replaced with more energy efficient machines.In addition, workers across the 85 floors of commercial and office space found in the 102-story structure will be able to monitor their part of the building's energy use through their personal computers.The owners of the 78-year old art deco edifice, which relished in the title of world's tallest building for 42 years, partnered with independent sustainable consultants, the Rocky Mountain Institute, and former US president Bill Clinton's Clinton Climate Initiative to develop the program that will generate an energy saving of up to 38 percent."If even a fraction of the buildings in the United States or our world were to carry out similar [projects] the impact would be profound," said Bill Clinton in a video statement on the tower's website.

The Empire State is already credited for its environmentally friendly merits. In spring its impressive colour changing light display (powered using low energy bulbs no less) is switched off when large numbers of birds are seen flying nearby. The birds, seemingly big fans of the light show, are in danger of flying into the building and falling dazed to the ground one fifth of a mile below.