Veriflora, substainably grown plants and flowers
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Veriflora is a company that has put the concept of the production of pot plants and fresh cut flowers into the home, that come from a sustainably farmed source.



What Makes VeriFlora Unique?

VeriFlora is unique among sustainability certification programs for fresh cut flowers and potted plants in several respects:

  • It establishes significant greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency goals to make sure that growers and handlers are doing their part to tackle some of the most difficult challenges of our time.
  • It requires growers to develop a plan for converting to organic pest management and soil fertility practices, creating a unified path for organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • It actively steers farmers away from potentially harmful agrochemical usage.
  • It contains extensive ecosystem, water quality protection, and resource conservation measures to protect the ecology for generations to come.
  • It creates a climate of cooperation with workers, their families and communities.
  • It applies to everyone in the supply chain, including not only growers, but shippers, distributors, and retailers as well.


...from Seed to Store

The farmers, distributors, wholesalers and florists who grow and handle VeriFlora flowers and plants are committed to delivering only the highest quality products, produced with rigorous environmental accountability while at the same time addressing the health and well-being of workers, their families and communities

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