Inspiring Green Houses
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 Inspiring Green Homes

While you may not have the funds to build your own eco-mansion, or even want something large or showy, there is still plenty of inspiration to be gleaned for the rest of us. Remember, you don't have to build from scratch to go green, you can also renovate what you already have, and make changes gradually. It's an exciting time for green architecture!



X House

This 4,090-square foot X House near Quito, Ecuador is like an expanded, updated Glass House, oriented around a central courtyard.

Designed by Arquitectura X, the X House is recyclable, and features water-saving fixtures and efficient evaporative cooling


Inverness House

Perched on a steep slope above Tomales Bay in Inverness, California, this unique home was inspired by the rustic character of its surroundings. Designed by Studios Architecture to flow with the natural contours of the hillside, the house is flooded with natural light. It is made with locally sourced pine and takes advantage of passive solar heating and cooling, supplemented with efficient (and cozy!) radiant floors. The 1,840-square foot home also features water-saving technology.
Article ref ( Feb 2011)