Jordan Sahara Forrest Project
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Jordan will be the location of the Sahara Forest Project which uses solar power to create clean water and electricity for agriculture

Whilst deserts can be the harshest and most inhabitable places in earth, they are also the perfect locations for new-fangled green technologies such as solar power. For example, Jordan has recently announced its support for the large-scale Sahara Forest Project which brings together solar power and desalination of seawater to provide sustainable energy and agricultural solutions in desert regions. The project aims to create carbon neutral energy, fresh water and food, contribute to forestation and all in the midst of desert lands.

Jordan has signed an agreement which gives the go ahead for the development of the Sahara Forest Project system in the coastal town of Aqaba.


The development site is a 200,000 square metre plot although a further 2 million square metres has been secured for future expansions. The location of Aqaba near the Red Sea is important as the project will be pumping seawater to the power plant to convert into fresh water for use. The project works by simultaneously converting salt water into fresh water which is used to grow fresh vegetables whilst solar power is used to heat water and create steam used to turn a turbine and create energy.

According to plans put forward by developers a feasibility study will be carried in 2011, a Test and Demonstration centre built in 2012 with a large-scale roll out of the project planned for 2015.

(Article reference  Jan 2011)