Lance Armstrong takes delivery of the Nissan Leaf Eco Car
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Just in time to celebrate the 13th anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer, October 2, Lance Armstrong's Nissan Leaf has arrived.

The 7-times Tour de France cycling phenomenon (and my favorite cameo appearance in DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story), is the official spokesperson for the new car, and the first American to get one.

“I think the most exciting thing for me about the Leaf is that it’s the first of its kind," said Armstrong earlier in a promotional video for the car. "Anytime you talk about technology — if it’s a computer, or if it’s a phone, or if it’s a bicycle — you always talk about next level. Like, what’s next level? Next level is the stuff that just blows you away. To me, the Leaf was just really, in my opinion, what I would call next level.

Nissan is ready to take on Prius with the all electric Leaf. In fact, they've already sold 20,000 pre-orders of the Leaf and they are supposed to start shipping out in the next three months. We're pretty sure this is in part due to the amazing Nissan Leaf car commercial.

What’s so different about the Nissan Leaf? Well, other than the fact that super speedy and super winner Lance Armstrong is pushing people to buy the car, it’s not a hybrid. It’s totally electric, meaning the car needs to be plugged in to charge.  The car is said to go for 100 miles on every charge.

While we love the idea of a gas free vehicle, the appeal of the car will surely lie in the number of charging stations. It does seem that there are already reports that the cars will be shipping out before many of the charging stations are installed. Uh oh.

The other difference from the Prius is that the car only goes up 90 MPH. Now, I’m pretty sure when Albert Gore, III was pulled over, he was going 100 MPH, and I’m told that Steve Wozniak was caught going 120 MPH. So leaf drivers – stay out of the fast lane!